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Hour of Code by also see Hour of Code 2014

A great product for 7th graders and up is Next Hour of Code. From SofTutor Learning which uses learning content from Microsoft's Channel 9 but makes it easier to user. It contains 8 Beginner Titles, plus introduction to networking and databases. This is a subset fo SofTutor for Microsoft (below) that focuses on no experience at all to intermediate programming. Choose from one of 3 major programming language and end with your first mobile app. Mentor based lessons are 5 - 11 hours but you can learn at your own pace. All programming tools are free, but you will need a Windows PC.

Another great website for learning how to program is an excellent way to learn how to program on a web page or mobile app. Unlike SofTutor's self paced video mentor method code academy is a self paced text based learning system. But it offers great text based feedback. There is also an app on the itunes store but is requires iOS 7.

Another similar site to is with great tutorials on popular javascript libraries like jquery, ember.js, backbone.js and Angular.js, sass, rails and objective-c and more courses This site is very similar to codecademy although it adds video tutorials then expects you to remember, if your lost you can jump to spots in the video similar to softutor to get refreshers as needed. It also gives you awards, points and badges. Some of the courses require a subscription of $29/mth. Videos are really good, professional, BUT maybe too long. The first one we watched was 10 minutes long. When it came time to answer the question the syntax needed to be 100% perfect. While our answer was correct, the system kept telling us it was incorrect. Codecademy on the other hand intreprets the code and if your code generates what its looking for it works most of the time. Someone needs to use some regular expression to strip meaningless whitespace from the answer and give you a correct when its correct. {{ "Hello," + " Angular!" }} is correct but says its incorrect the answer must be {{"Hello, Angular!"}} to get the question correct. Also a refresh of your browser blows away all of your work and you need to start over. Although you can easily review the slides for the lesson.

Here is our favorite free training sites so far (Software & Process based video training) 321 Learn uses SofTutor technology, which is hands down the fastest way to learn software or process based applications. SofTutor has been used by over 1,500 companies world wide for software training since 1994. SofTutor reduces learning times, and saves companies labor costs associated with training, usually a fraction of the cost of training, which results in a very short Training ROI. To read more about how SofTutor can actually save you money see their white paper "Increase ROI with Performance Based Training"

SofTutor for Camtasia Studio / Snagit - Teaches how to make and edit screen videos. While both Snagit and Camtasia Studio cost money there are 30 day evals and many licenses to chose from.

SofTutor for Microsoft Developers Network - Teaches programming and windows technology using videos found on

SofTutor for Next Hour of Code - Subset of MSDN that focuses on programming only. Channel9 / SofTutor mashup.

Our other favorite is Khan Academy great for school based learning, math and science. - the site is downloadable for offline use too!

Technology is increasing at an exponential rate and our ability to learn these new technologies is and has been stagnant for centuries. We need to begin to push the training envelope develop new technologies to learn faster with higher comprehension.

The world, as we know it, will not wait for us!

As we grow, we will recommend new training systems that have the potential to have a major effect on the world of education, as we know it today.
Education will never be the same. Sal Khan of the Khan Academy proves that one person can make a difference.

The New Boston Education - Tutorial videos


Randy Hilgers
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It was my hope in 1999 that my wife at the time would take our SofTutor technology and start a not for profit to help train people around the world, although things don't always work out. In memory of Diane Johnson Hilgers 1958-2004.